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Integrator of radio communication systems and automation of production
Operational voice production, group work
Оперативная производственная голосовая связь, работа в группах1
Оперативная производственная голосовая связь, работа в группах2
Оперативная производственная голосовая связь, работа в группах3
Stationary radio station, operational production voice communication, group work
Car radio, operational production voice, group work
Portable radio station, operational production voice communication, group work
Automation of production: telemetry and telecontrol
Retransmission of signals of positioning systems

Airbus TH9 Portable Radio

TH9 is a TETRA high-strength radio station that meets IP65 durability. 1.8W output power provides extended coverage. Providing the transfer of critical voice and information data makes the TH9 radio station a powerful tool for completing tasks of any type of complexity.

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Explosion-proof Portable Radio Airbus THR9 EX

Airbus THR9 EX, a portable radio station with a full numeric keypad, a QVGA color display, a Russified interface, a battery, a charger.

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Airbus TH1N Portable Radio

The portable pocket radio station of the TETRA system in an ultra-thin, classic and elegant case with dust and moisture protection class IP65.

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TETRA + LTE Smartphone - Innovative Tactilon DABAT

Tactilon Dabat is an innovative full-fledged durable TETRA smartphone of the family of the European manufacturer - Airbus concern.

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BS422 - an outdoor base station installed on a mast, supporting several technologies, several frequencies, several carriers and SIMULCAST

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BRTL31 - 400 MHz TETRA Digital Large Repeater

  • 4W RF power output
  • Digital Filter Technology (SDR)
  • Flexible filter selection
  • Frequency shift function
  • Extended dynamic range
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact size

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TetraFlex® is a unique and innovative platform that sets new quality standards for TETRA digital communications systems

The TetraFlex® platform is designed for enterprises and organizations that need reliable communications and are focused on its further development. TetraFlex® grows and evolves with your needs!


TetraFlex® outdoor system

The all-weather TetraFlex® system is perhaps the simplest, most flexible and affordable solution among all TETRA systems. The high reliability of the equipment and its unique design make this solution ideal for operational and emergency communications even in the most difficult operating conditions.


TetraFlex® Dispatcher

Dispatcher software (TetraFlex® Dispatcher) is designed to improve interoperability and manageability within organizations with a large number of subscribers. The main functions of the “Dispatcher” are the management, control and monitoring within the TetraFlex® network.


TetraFlex® Group Bridge Inter-system interaction

TetraFlex® Group Bridge solution organizes group communication of subscribers of various TETRA networks and analog systems and opens wide opportunities for inter-system interaction.


The TetraFlex® Android Client application 

The TetraFlex® Android Client application is the first DAMM software product that allows you to work with the TetraFlex® system as a fully functional terminal.


TetraFlex® Applications

TetraFlex® in the oil and gas industry

100% guarantee of reliable communication. DAMM Cellular Systems A / S is a global leader in the production of reliable and scalable TETRA communications systems. For more than 30 years, we have been offering radio communication systems operating where communications are of paramount importance.

Our solutions, which have been repeatedly tested in practice, have proven their 100% reliability under the most difficult conditions, which makes them an ideal choice for applications in the oil and gas industry, where particularly stringent requirements are imposed on communication systems.

With the continued growth in energy consumption in the world, the oil and gas industry is constantly on the cutting edge of scientific and technological progress.

Under these conditions, ensuring the safe operation of enterprises and protecting the environment is to a large extent dependent on the quality and reliable operation of communication systems.


TetraFlex® in the mining industry

When reliable communications matter. The most robust, reliable and easily scalable TETRA open-cast mining communications system.

Today's integrated mining enterprises must be able to respond quickly to changes in demand, producing larger tonnages more efficiently, with minimal environmental impact and improved conditions for the health and safety of workers. These problems continue to grow as new exploration activities transfer mining companies to more and more remote areas. There may be long distances between operations centers, production sites, crushing plants and transport logistics, while production often has to continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Communication is playing an increasingly important role in ensuring operational coordination as well as the security of many people involved.


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