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Operational radio communication for mass events

When conducting mass cultural, entertainment and sporting events on a city-wide scale, the issue of organizing operational radio communications, which could connect its participants to each other, both within the same object and between objects: the organizing committee, airport, railway station, is of particular importance objects of carrying out, etc.

The international digital operational radio standard TETRA, which meets all the requirements for a responsible mass event, is most suitable. Its exclusive use is included in the regulations for such events as the World Summer and Winter Olympics, all events held by FIFA, the Formula 1 competition, etc. Only the digital TETRA standard allows you to:

  • to provide a reliable instant guaranteed connection of an unlimited number of users of one group for transmitting a voice message, transmitting information or a command to all to whom it is addressed without the need to “pick up the phone” on the called side;
  • the organization of an almost unlimited number of independent conversation groups with the ability to switch between them, scan, as well as make individual calls both within the group and from one group to another;
  • the aforementioned opportunity allows organizing both intra-departmental interaction (for example, inside the organizing committee) and inter-departmental (organizing committee - police, organizing committee - emergency medical care, organizing committee - police-ambulance - Ministry of Emergencies, etc.);
  • send not only voice messages, but also text messages. For example, within the same group or immediately to all users of a radio communication network, within a split second, a text message can be transmitted with operational information and the possibility of a reverse response;
  • the presence of authentication technology of radio stations allows you to completely eliminate the possibility of unauthorized connection to communication, as well as to remotely disconnect a lost or stolen radio station;
  • the presence of the most advanced digital sound processing technologies and special headsets allows you to make it possible to work in conditions of strong ambient noise: during a football match, car races, concerts, crowds and working equipment.

The TISSKOM company has extensive experience in organizing and rapidly deploying an operational radio communications network during mass events, including:

  • provision of special digital radio communications services as part of the preparation and holding of the 27th World University Summer Games in Kazan in 2013;
  • provision of mobile radio service in the framework of the FINA World Championships in water sports in 2015 in Kazan;
  • radio communications during the high-diving World Cup in Kazan;
  • the organization of radio communications during the event-procession "Immortal Regiment" on May 9, 2016 in Kazan;
  • provision of mobile radio services in the framework of the Draw of the Confederations Cup for football in Kazan.

Our company is ready to cooperate in organizing high-quality and reliable operational radio communications for events with the possibility of leasing radio stations, a wide range of accessories, as well as basic network infrastructure (base stations, automated workstations of a network dispatcher, server for recording conversations and network events and etc.). The services may also include logistics and maintenance of radio stations: their programming in accordance with the customer’s communication scheme and labeling, equipment with necessary accessories, delivery to objects and delivery to users and return collection, recharge of batteries and so on.

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