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Integrator of radio communication systems and automation of production
Automation of production: telemetry and telecontrol
Operational voice production, group work
Retransmission of signals of positioning systems


Design, construction and operation of departmental telephone networks using IP-telephony technologies with the ability to integrate into a single multiservice network based on the above technologies: TETRA, SCADA, etc.

Industrial process control (IPC)

The construction of systems for the rapid collection and processing of telemetric information from production facilities, as well as their management using TETRA technology: oil producing and oil refining companies, energy (energy accounting system), traffic control (transport), access control systems, etc.

Wireless broadband access

TISSCOM rolls out corporate PMP networks based on wireless broadband access allowing bit rate up to 500 Mbps between remote destinations, video streaming from remote sites. This technology also can be used for IPC systems, SCADA, dedeicated telephony and data transmission etc.

Digital standard TETRA radio communication system - the optimal solution for the organization of operational radio communication for:
Emergency services: interior Ministry, emergency, Ambulance, etc.
Especially dangerous industries: oil and gas production enterprises, refineries, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants, etc.
Security services of enterprises: large industrial enterprises, urban infrastructure facilities, banks, etc.
The organization of operational communications at the logistic centres
Municipal services of the city
Optimization of logistics of retail chains, warehouses and transport of retailers
Cab (organization of the radio service of the cab company, and dispatch positions with positioning of all cars in online mode), passenger and freight carriers in the city
Customized solutions for government and commercial enterprises
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Customized solutions for government and commercial enterprises

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